Task-Based or Full-Time, Bi-Lingual Virtual Assistants
for Property Managers

Full-Time Assistants

Each full-time Virtual Assistant (English-speaking or bi-lingual) is pre-screened, hired by us, and works from one of our professional data centers. We'll train them on YOUR software and procedures and then you mold them to fit your individual needs!

Task-Based Assistants

Send our English-speaking or bi-lingual Virtual Assistants your ever-changing list of tasks you need completed! These can include regular admin tasks, after dark (emergency) phone answering, main line answering, and tenant screening...just to name a few.

24/7 Maintenance Coordination

We'll take tenant maintenance calls, screen and troubleshoot issues with the tenant, create work orders, dispatch vendors, follow up on work performed, and create/post invoices. Your tenants will love that they can reach you any time of the day or night!
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yesVIRTUAL Produces Results! But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"We couldn't do what we do today without their support — we couldn't be happier with them."
"HQVU has done what we did not have time to do — it's made a huge difference in our company, our residents are much happier with us."
"They, frankly, do a better job than we did at answering our phones — We're really excited to be partnered with them to grow our business!"
"We use yesVirtual for their Maintenance Coordination and their After Dark services; they have been great to work with and to find a custom solution for their team and ours"
"We particualrly like the communication that we have with the people that are involved. They work really hard to make sure what they need to do and get it done right."
"They take a lot of tasks off my plate so I can really handle owners and tenants very well. Thank you yesVirtual, you're doing a great job for us!"
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What Do You Get When You Hire yesVIRTUAL?

Ownership team who are expert Property Managers

yesVIRTUAL is a Phoenix Arizona-based virtual assistant company focused on the residential property management industry and founded by long-time owners of property management and real estate companies with a combined experience of over 40 years. Learn More

Professionally trained and staffed Virtual Assistants

• We staff for peak demand ensuring 100% availability for you

• Our professionally hired and trained staff are happy, loyal and already know property management

• Most work in our new, fully functional operations center

• We support their efforts with full time U.S. and local technical staff

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Dramatic Cost Savings for your business

Save anywhere from 30 - 50% on labor for professionally hired and already trained staff that is available to you 24/7/365. No vacations, no illnesses, no outages for any reason. Learn More

Professionally trained vA staff is ready to go to work for you!

Read what more satisfied customers are saying about us:

"They, frankly, do a better job than we did at answering our phones — We're really excited to be partnered with them to grow our business!"
“The results have been phenomenal. I have total confidence that the VA staff are responding to all leads in a timely manner. This is a very well run company and I have been recommending them to every other business owner that I know.”
“Absolutely thrilled with Call Center results! Much less expensive and high-quality. They answer nearly every call live. I plan to expand to other yes services.”

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