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We hire, train, supervise, pay, and handle the IT. You mold them to fit your individual needs.

Zero upfront cost! Flat monthly fee.


Compare Price with Other Direct Hire Companies PLUS We Hire, Train and Pay


24/7 Emergency Maintenance/Dispatch

Virtual Assistant (Remote Team Member) Placement

(Lower Operating Costs, Increase Efficiency, Reduce Stress)

Any Business

Regardless of your industry, your biggest expense has always been payroll. Most of the hours spent by your staff involve back-office tasks like A/P, data entry, etc. yesVIRTUAL can provide highly skilled, affordable staffing to handle that heavy workload; freeing you up to work ON your business!

Property Management

Each Virtual Assistant (Philippines or Mexico) is pre-screened, trained, and hired by us. Training includes real, live on-the-job experience in YOUR software performing real, live tasks typically performed by property management companies.

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Managed Virtual Assistants/Remote Team Members

WE Manage!

Many VA/RTM providers charge a large upfront cost for recruitment and training and then hand off your remote worker and say, "Good luck".

We hire, train, supervise forever, pay and handle IT. You mold them to fit your individual needs. We NEVER leave you on your own.

Zero upfront cost! Flat monthly fee.

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Direct Hire +

YOU Manage!

If you really like the Direct Hire model and want to do all the day-to-day supervision plus IT (without our involvement) at a much lower cost - we have a plan! PLUS we still hire, train, and pay!

Compare pricing to models offered by other VA (RTM) placement companies.

Upfront recruitment/training fee. Much lower monthly fee.

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After Dark Call Center

24/7 After Hours

Our team will make you into a true customer service superstart! We’ll be here to answer any call that comes in after hours, and your clients and customers will love you for always being there!

This includes:

  • Emergency Maintenance Calls
  • Troubleshooting
  • Home Warranty Dispatch
  • Evenings/Overnight/Weekends/Holidays
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What Can a Virtual Assistant (Remote Team Member) Do?

In Any Business (Yours!)

Virtual Assistants (Remote Team Members) allow you to handle your administrative tasks at a fraction of the cost of hiring local staff. Many of your local employees are probably already telecommuting, so having a well-trained individual working remotely in another country isn’t any different. This is just a small sample of tasks that your remote employees can handle, freeing up your valuable time so you can grow your business:

  • circle-check-solid.svg
  • circle-check-solid.svg
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Accounts Payable
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Client Invoicing
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Scheduling Client Meetings
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Social Media
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Data Entry
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Database building
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Prepare Training Manuals
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Create Processes
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Inbound/Outbound Sales
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Team Management
Girl on a headset working with the laptop

In Property Management

Do you feel your payroll is too high, but you don’t have time to train outsourced personnel because you’re buried handling repetitive tasks? We can provide you with an admin support team that can hit the ground running. They are already trained in your PM software, and can basically do anything that doesn’t require a licensed agent. Here is a list of just a few of common tasks they can perform:

  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Tenant Screening
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Maintenance Coordination
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Welcome Letters
  • circle-check-solid.svg
  • circle-check-solid.svg
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Late Fees
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Posting Rent Payments
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Owner/Tenant Satisfaction
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    New Owner Account Setup
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Application Processing
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Leasing Turnovers
  • circle-check-solid.svg
    Data Entry
Girl on a headset working with the laptop

What Sets yesVIRTUAL Apart from Other Companies?

Two Hiring Models

Most VA/RTM placement companies offer only a Managed Staffing model or a Direct Hire Staffing model. yesVIRTUAL offers two completely different Placement Models: Managed and Direct Hire +. If you want our in-country supervisors to make sure your remote employee is ALWAYS working and on duty, choose EASY and our Managed model. We will also make sure their I.T. is functional and pay your remote employee making sure they are compliant with local employment laws.

Sadly, we hear too many unfortunate stories about Direct Hire placements from other companies going wrong. With these companies, when that happens you are on your own. If you are comfortable managing remote employees in distant locales around the world, choose our Direct Hire + model. We won't leave you hanging. We will guarantee your remote employee up to 6 months. Plus, we will hire, train and pay your remote employee.

Property Managers

Your VA/RTM receives a minimum of 2 weeks of classroom and on the job training in the PM industry and YOUR software via yesVIRTUAL University.

He/she can hit the ground running!

Any Business

Our exceptionally talented staff (based in Philippines and Mexico) speak fluent English and can handle most admin task.

They are handpicked by us and approved by you.

Path to Success with Your Virtual Assistant/Remote Team Member

Several Important Tips That Will Make Hiring a VA/RTM Work for Your Company

You work hard to create a professional company for your employees. Your methods of providing a secure and rewarding environment is key to attracting the best talent and keeping them long-term. Your failure to provide this type of environment will motivate your remote employees to ALWAYS be looking for a better place to work. Here are some important tips that will help your new-hire experience to be a rewarding one.
Noel Pulanco, co-founder of yesVIRTUAL explains how to be successful when hiring remote workers:
Here is a summary of Tips for Success.

All your Remote Team Members need to feel they are working for a professional organization. This starts with compensation. You should pay your remote employees professionally: structure your VA/RTM compensation just like your local employees – salary plus benefits. Every country has compensation and benefit laws, which include tax deductions, health insurance, and other benefits. You should follow them. You might be able to avoid these laws, but what does that say about your company if you do?

The method of compensation is also important. Would you or your local employees feel comfortable if their paychecks came via PayPal, Wise, Xoom, or one of the many other international payment methods. Probably not. Your method of compensation should mirror the best practices of local companies in their country.


All long-term team members continue with your company if there is a career path and periodic performance raises. Don’t forget your remote team members. They are motivated by the same thing


You should prepare your local team to buy in to your remote team and welcome them as colleagues. You are hiring remote professionals who will add value to your existing staff. The extent to which you are successful doing this will make a huge difference in your success with the remote team members.


Just because your new VA/RTM is remote and not physically present, don’t treat him/her as an automated software tool. It is very common that companies send a task to their remote employee and just expect a completed result, sort of like putting data into an Excel spreadsheet. You should treat your remote employee as a contributing member of your team not as just a task master.


Your VA/RTM should be an active participant with other team members. He/she should be included in regular team Zoom meetings. If you have regular one-on-one meetings with your local employees, you should do the same with your VA/RTM.


Finally, having step-by-step processes for all the important repeating tasks in your company is highly effective in streamlining operations and preventing mistakes. These formal processes are important for all team members and especially your VAs/RTMs.