Our English-speaking or bi-lingual Virtual Assistants can handle most administrative tasks. They can work directly with your property management software (including Propertyware®, Appfolio®, Buildium®, and RentManager®). These tasks include:

Virtual Assistant Placement

In both Models, we pre-screen, hire and formally train them on our industry, how to interface with U.S. residents  and YOUR PM software. We’ll present multiple candidates to you, and you select the one who fits.

We’ll also handle all HR responsibilities, including weekly payroll. This ensures that YOUR Virtual Assistant will be engaged in compliance with local and national employment and taxation laws.

Model 1

We handle all IT issues
We ensure that your Virtual Assistant is present and fully functional each day
He/she is assigned an experienced supervisor
You mold them to fit your individual needs
This model has zero upfront cost and a flat, monthly fee

Model 2

You supervise your Virtual Assistant’s day-to-day work and handle IT
You mold them to fit your individual needs
This model has an upfront hiring and training cost but a lower monthly rate than Model 1
Similar to models offered by other VA placement companies.

After Dark
Call Center

QuickStart Virtual Assistant Training

Taking After Hours Messages
Opening Work Orders
Verifying Call is an Emergency (Triage)
Handling Maintenance Emergencies:
Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC
Appliances, Roof Leaks, Lockouts,
Windows/Doors, Home Warranty, etc.
We train using YOUR PM software
On-the-job training (OJT) with a live, experienced Remote Team Member (RTM) in many areas including: onboarding new owners and properties and numerous maintenance tasks
Mock phone calls practicing many scenarios an RTM might experience
Much, much more
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Typical Virtual Assistant Tasks:

Admin Tasks

Tenant Screening

Posting Rent Payments
Creating Management Agreements
New Owner Account Set Up
HOA Violations
3/4/5/7 Day Notices
Section 8
Late Fees
Running Credit Reports
Sending Welcome Letters
Contacting Current/Former Landlords
Contacting Current/Former Employers
Maintaining Status-at-a-Glance Spreadsheet
Maintaining Database of Prospect Documents
Providing Easy to Read Tenant Scoresheet
Sending Adverse Action or Approval Letters