What do we charge?

yesVIRTUAL is an Arizona-based company with 10+ years’ experience providing Virtual Assistants and Remote Team Members to the industry. Our personnel work from either a professional data center or from their high-tech home offices in the Philippines and in Mexico. This creates an environment so rich, you will think they are working in the office next door.

We’ll also handle all HR responsibilities, including weekly payroll. This ensures that YOUR Virtual Assistant will be engaged in compliance with local and national employment and taxation laws.

After Dark

Starting at
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      We'll answer after-hours emergency calls starting at $500 per month based on number of incidents per month
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      We will notify the vendors you specify and dispatch to handle emergencies. Additionally, we will provide you or your designate with notifications and log entries for each call
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      Bundled Pricing - if you subscribe to our Full Time Assistant service, you can add After Dark for an additional $200 per month for up to 100 after hours calls. Pricing will be negotiated it you exceed 100 after hours calls per month

    Managed Virtual Assistants/ Remote Team Members

    $1,500/month (PH-Based)
    $1,900/month (MX-Based)
    + No Upfront Cost or Training Fee
    • Professional Recruitment
    • Criminal Background Checks
    • You Interview Multiple Candidates
    • Trained-PM Industry and YOUR Software
    • Guarantee Lifetime Full Replacement
    • We Support IT
    • We Supervise Daily
    Monthly rate based on expertise and location

    Employer of Record (EOR)

    $200/employee/month (PH-Based)
    $300/employee/month (MX-Based)
      • We handle the time-consuming and complicated process of paying employees in a foreign country
      • We handle payroll, benefits and taxes
      • We ensure compliance with local laws
      • We make your workers feel confident
        that they’re paid fairly and legally