Should I Hire My Own VAs?...


  • Lower Cost Salary Per VA
  • Personalized Training / Relationship.


  • Added continual cost to support technology internationally (computer, telephone, data/router, VPN, etc.)
  • High degree of turnover with no notice and constant searching for another job. You must hire and re-train constantly
  • They will be unavailable more often than local staff due to illness of self and family, power outages, internet outages, etc.

...Or, Hire An Outsourcing Company Like yesVitrual?

  • We staff for peak demand ensuring 100% availability for you
  • Our professionally hired and trained staff are happy, loyal and already know property management
  • Our staff has the latest technology and redundant environment for high quality
  • We support their efforts with full time U.S. and local technical staff

Does Outsourcing Make Economic Sense?

You should ask yourself, how much it would cost to hire locally at U.S. admin labor rates to accomplish the above. Those rates will be from $12-$16 per un-burdened hour for untrained staff who will always be looking for another job. By hiring yesVirtual, you will save 30% - 50% for professionally hired and already trained staff that is always there – 24/7/365 if you want. No vacations, no illnesses, no outages for any reason. You will find their positive attitudes infectious!

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