YESVirtual Tenant Screening Process

Since we’ve been property managers for many years, we know how important selecting the right tenants is to our clients. When we do this incorrectly prospects are not happy, often because it takes too long and we don’t communicate with them. Clients are unhappy, because our process is often not thorough enough.

We’ve developed a repeatable process with supporting tools that allow us to complete the task quickly all the while keeping you and the tenant in the loop. If you hire us, your client is sure to like your results!

Hire Us and You Will get:

How do we do it? Here’s our successful, repeatable process:

Initial Application Process
  • Receive completed application (from your online vendor)
  • Check if Application Fee is Paid
  • If yes, run Tenant Screening from your vendor
  • If no, contact applicant to discuss other arrangements to receive fee
  • Send welcome e-mail (see thumbnail) to applicants with New Prospect Checklist, Residential Verification Form and Sample Lease Agreement.
  • Call prospect to confirm receipt, answer questions. Follow-up daily until all documents received

First Level Screening, Single or Multiple Applicants - Determine

  • Credit Score – Acceptable, Conditional, Reject
  • Criminal Background – Pass, Fail
  • Previous Evictions – Pass, Fail
  • If Pass with conditions or Fail, send Adverse Action Letter

Second Level Screening – Determine

  • Employment Verification – Pass, Fail
  • Income Verification – Pass, Fail
  • Rental History Verification – Pass, Fail
  • If Pass with conditions or Fail, send Adverse Action Letter

Documentation: The following are created by us to track the progress and shared with you in real time:

  • A Status-at-a-Glance sheet that shows, real-time, the status of all company applications. From this sheet, you can link to:
  • An Applicant Scorecard that shows, at a glance, the status of an individual or household application. This scorecard produces an output based on your screening criteria.
  • Results and details from your vendor’s Credit and Background Report.
  • Screening Supporting Documents received from prospect: ID, employment verification, income verification, rental history, etc.

The Result: A complete package of information that allows you and your property managers to make a Yes/No decision on an applicant and determine lease terms.

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