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This screening process also includes a rigorous background check which consists of:

        YesVIRTUAL is proud of our Data Center facility in Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines. While it is not close to the size of the ones operated by some major international corporations, it offers us the same inherent advantages. Most of our 60+ staff (and growing) are in one place, where they can be easily trained (continually) and supervised. Our facility is completely under our control with data and power redundancies that greatly reduce any service outages to our clients. We have the additional advantage of being in a much smaller town with much lower infrastructure and payroll costs than Manila or Cebu. We strongly believe that this model is the best one for the clients we serve.

        In the past year, we invested in expansion of the data center itself and the solid utility infrastructure that supports it. This investment includes backup internet connections, generators for backup power, and we’ve added more home-based personnel who provide overflow coverage when we experience a high call volume or during any disruption that might occur at the data center.
        yesVIRTUAL also employs virtual assistants who work from  home offices in the Philippines as a backup to the staff in our data center. If you've experienced other outsourcing companies (who use non-U.S. employees), you’ll find that most use employees based in India, Pakistan, South America or other countries in Asia. While this is acceptable in a high-tech environment, it doesn’t work (for me, at least) in a call center or heavy customer service.

        English is the second language in the Philippines. It is taught early in the educational process. Most young Filipinos watch American television shows and develop good English skills early on.

        The YES Virtual pre-hire screening process ensures that we select only the best English speakers who are well-educated and have strong customer service skills.

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