QuickStart Virtual Assistant Training

Whether you’ve hired your own Virtual Assistant, or you’ve hired a new local employee, bringing them up to speed on our industry and your software and systems takes time and mental bandwidth on your part. QuickStart rapidly trains new Virtual Assistants, making them ready-to-work and able to fill any position you need them in.
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yesVIRTUAL has teamed up with BETTERWHO to provide our industry with three courses to QuickStart new employees:

3-Day Intensive Training

  • Each day begins and ends with a live Zoom call with training personnel
  • Intro to Property Management and Terminology
  • Fair housing and service animals
  • Intro to YOUR property management software
  • Intro to basic tasks (customer service calls, entering rent payments, leasing calls, resident screening, maintenance process)
  • On-the-job training (OJT) on those tasks with areal, live, experienced RTM in YOUR PM software
  • Periodic quizzes

4-Day Intensive Training

  • First three days same as 3-Day course
  • Intensive OJT on admin tasks, onboarding new owner and property
  • Intensive OJT on maintenance: creating WOs and extracting WOs

10-Day Intensive Training

  • First five days same as 5-Day course
  • OJT can be customized based on client's specifications. Examples:
  • Call listing and feedbacking. Live call with training personnel pretending to be our client
  • Intensive OJT on maintenance: trouble shooting calls and dispatching and following up on WOs
  • A lot of mock calls, maintenance troubleshooting and coordination.
  • Either intro to social media or BDM support, depending on student’s company