yes VIRTUAL Dedicated Assistants

We Pre-Screen AND Hire — No HR Responsibilities for you!

Our experienced HR team identifies only quality candidates. This screening process includes a rigorous background check:
  • Brgy. Clearance — a government-issued ID that confirms local residency and permits its holder to conduct important transactions, like banking.
  • Police Clearance — a police-issued confirmation that its holder is cleared of a criminal record.
  • NBI Clearance — a clearance issued by the NBI (similar to our FBI) that confirms that its holder is cleared from any crime covered by the NBI.
  • Social media screening — residents of the Philippines are among the most active users of Facebook in the world. We screen out bad personal behavior.

We Train Them on Your Software, Typical PM Tasks and Interfacing with US Residents

  • Two weeks of rigorous training by experienced VA supervisors.
  • Includes an incubation period which features on-the-job experience dealing with real U.S. clients.

They Work in a Professional Data Center Environment

This allows us to closely monitor and manage our Dedicated VA Staff. These benefits include:
  • Quality computing tools, internet, and power with backup for both.
  • Softphone headset with U.S. phone number.
  • Optional additional workplace assets e.g. extra monitor, IP desk phone, webcam, etc. (Separate pricing for hardware add-ons.)
  • No outside noise or distraction, commonly associated with home-based VAs.
  • On-site tech support and supervision which ensures the enforcement of your company's policies.

You Train and Mold to Fit Your Needs

  • You’ve now got a qualified VA to perform your tasks the way you want.
  • You’ll communicate with them directly and easily as if they were in the next office.
  • They'll soon become an integral part of your team!
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