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yesVIRTUAL is an Arizona-based company using virtual assistants (VAs) based in the Philippines working from their high-tech home offices. These fully-equipped offices are maintained by and often equipped by us. This creates an environment so rich, you will think they are working in the office next door. 

Because we use Filipino VAs, we can offer significant cost savings compared to similar service providers in the U.S. who may charge in excess of $15/hour for admin outsourcing services. Our services are charged as follows: 

Admin Tasks

Billed in exact increments
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  • Voice Mail Transcription
  • Lease Doc Preparation
  • Welcome Letters to New Tenants and Owners.
  • Vendor Invoicing
  • Rent Payment Posting
  • New Leases Posted
  • New Properties/Buildings Posted, Too!
  • This is a Short List of tasks we are currently doing for other clients.

After Dark

Starting At $200
Per Month
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  • We'll answer after-hours emergency calls starting at $200 per month based on number of incidents per month.
  • We will notify the vendors you specify and dispatch to handle emergencies. Additionally, we will provide you or your designate with notifications and log entries for each call.

Maintenance Coordination

for first 2 months to analyze and enhance Work Order system, then customized pricing based on Work Order activity
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  • How Does it Work? - We'll take your service calls, troubleshoot and create Work Orders in your PM software, per your process. 
    Using our rock-solid system, we'll then monitor WOs on a regular basis to make sure they move through the process to completion.
  • Status-at a Glance - We'll regularly provide you with a view of all WOs, their current stage, and important notes, so you can monitor our progress and see the big picture without having to endlessly open and dig through WOs in your PM software
Initial setup fee of $100 includes training and tech services necessary to get you started. Our $100 monthly subscription fee will begin on the 2nd month of services.